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A Contemporary Writer for a Contemporary World

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A warm welcome to my website: grab a coffee, sit back, put your feet up and make yourself at home. You’ll find all kinds of treasures from interviews with wonderful authors, quirky insights into my writing life and novels, recommendations, motivational articles and writing workshops to get your creativity buzzing. Do sign up for my newsletter if you’d like to receive my latest posts. Thank you for visiting: is such a joy for me to be in touch with readers and writers from around the world.

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Writing novels has been a lifelong dream. I still get hugely excited every time I hold one of my books or see it in a bookshop. I write because I love it, because I want to understand the world better and because I believe that stories are as important to us as food, water, shelter and oxygen.

Stories give us joy, they help us make sense of our past, our present and the baffling world in which we live. Perhaps more than anything, they give us a little glimpse into lives other than our own and so make us more sensitive to our fellow creatures. I couldn’t image a world in which I didn’t write. I hope you love reading my stories as much as I loved writing them.

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Recommendation: Mothers of Sparta by Dawn Davies

I have a great deal of time for writers who write honestly about motherhood. Well, about life, really. And for those who write beautifully too; I have a weak spot for writing that straddles the line between prose and poetry. Dawn Davies does both these things (writes honesty; writes beautifully) and oh so much more […]

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The Milo Game

The wonderful Emma Williams from Little, Brown, has created a brilliant game to give readers an insight into Milo’s eye condition: Retinitis Pigmentosa. The game is great fun and gives readers clues about the novel too. Have a go and see whether you can get the highest score! 

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