Before I Was Yours

From the author of WHAT MILO SAW and THE RETURN OF NORAH WELLS, comes this multiple-perspective family drama that isn’t afraid to ask the difficult question: how far would you go for a child who isn’t yours?

Sam and Rosie Keep have always wanted children of their own but life hasn’t worked out that way for them. The only option available to them now is adoption: they’ll do anything to have a child to love.

Seven-year-old Jonah is far away from home and his mama promised he’d be looked after in England. But the man who’s meant to be taking care of him has disappeared and now Jonah’s all alone.

When Sam and Rosie meet Jonah they’re certain they’ve found their son, and open their home and their hearts to him. Finally, their family is complete.

And then the unthinkable happens and life changes for all three members of the Keep family. Suddenly Sam and Rosie must answer an impossible question: how far are they willing to go for a child who isn’t really theirs?

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