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Living with a writer: inspiration from my playwright husband : 0% read

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Living with a writer: inspiration from my playwright husband

My talented husband, Hugh, has just sent his first play, A Better Grace, to the printers – see photos below. He has given his pupils the most wonderful experience: he’s written a play and worked with his cast in a way that is true to the experience of actors who collaborate with writer-directors in the West-End – close, indeed, to how Shakespeare, the actor, writer, director worked with his company.

Together, Hugh and his wonderful cast of Wellington students have shaped the script, watched it evolve and developed a collective ownership over the words and the story. Shakespeare would be proud. And I’m proud too. I learn so much about dialogue, about character and story from watching my husband at work. He’s an inspiration and he encourages me to sit back down at my keyboard.

If you’re around next week, A Better Grace will be performed in The Christopher Lee Theatre, Wellington, Crowthorne, from the 4th-6th March. The pitch? ‘A cross between Who’s Afraid of Virginia Wolf and An Inspector Calls‘ or ‘A Stoppard written by McDonagh.’ Enjoy!