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Book Review: BEAUTIFUL OOPS by Barney Salzberg

🌟🖌🎨About a year ago a dear friend gave the girls this wonderful picture book: BEAUTIFUL OOPS by Barney Saltzberg – it’s become a firm favourite for my two little girls, Tennessee and Somerst and the term ‘beautiful oops’ has become part of our family vocabulary too.

🎨So often we strive for perfection (I declare myself guilty as charged) and it’s so easy to pass this on to our children, especially our little girls who seem to be particularly sensitive to those perfectionist vibes. This book celebrates how an ‘oops’ – a spill, a tear, a drip of paint, a hole – can, if we use our love and imagination, turn into something beautiful. It’s a wonderful life lesson, one that I apply to my writing too. When we cling to perfectionism and get sad when things don’t turn out the way we planned, it closes doors; when we think of how to turn those mistakes into possibilities, doors open to new and unexpected adventures.

🎨Tennessee and I have been rock painting together for months now and recently she tried to do a rainbow – and it ended up a bit misshapen and odd looking. She got frustrated and sad and then I said: ‘Why don’t we turn it into a beautiful oops?’ So we used a few more brushstrokes, some glitter glue, some imagination and love and made a unicorn. Now it’s one of her favourite stones, a stone she keeps in her pocket and puts under her pillow at night.

Anyway, I just wanted to recommend this gorgeous little picture book: so simple yet so true and so helpful and great for tiny ones (Somerset pokes at the holes and the tears and the blobs) as well as older ones (Tennessee loves the message and the story). Hope you all have a beautiful oops today – and every day! 🌟🖌🎨