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German Cover Reveal: You Found Me

🇩🇪I was born in Germany. My mother is German. German is my mother tongue. I still sometimes talk to my cat in German, because it somehow feels primal. The other day, a student interviewed me on my YA novel, Wishbones, and he came back to ask me to explain a Germanism I used! So, it goes deep. And I still have family in Germany, of course. So, when then wonderful German publishing house, Goldmann Verlag, decided to publish my books, my heart did a little leap of joy.

Goldmann thinks up the most beautiful titles and creates the most beautiful covers and their translations are just awesome. It means so much to me to know that my novels are on shelves in bookshops all over Germany. They just shared the cover for my latest novel, #YouFoundMe, translated as #DieBilderinunserenHerzen – the pictures in our heart. When you get to know one of the main characters in the novel, Reg, you’ll find out why this title is so resonant.

Anyway, thank you Goldmann – I can’t wait to read my novel in my mother tongue.