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Happy US Publication Day to my 6th Literary Baby: As Far As The Stars : 0% read

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Happy US Publication Day to my 6th Literary Baby: As Far As The Stars

I’m thrilled to bits that my second Young Adult novel (my 6th novel in total), As Far As The Stars, is out today in the big US of A. ⁣

I moved to the US in July 2016 and didn’t know what it would hold, writing wise – or anything else wise, really. I’m still adjusting to this strange new way of life that is so very different from life in the UK (and I’m a rather English girl, all told). I’m also raising three children, two of whom already have an American accent, which is a pretty weird experience.⁣

But new pastures spark new ideas, and the move has certainly inspired my writing.⁣

This is my first novel set in the US. It’s a road trip novel that takes place over 48h, starting in Washington DC and finishing in Nashville, TN. It’s a story of first love. A story of searing loss. And a story about finding yourself as you make that scary leap from childhood to adulthood. ⁣

I can’t wait to hear what my American readers make of my latest story – I received my first US review yesterday, which was lovely:

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I loved writing it.⁣ If you’re local to Concord I’d love you to join me for my book launch at Gibson’s Bookstore on Sunday 9th June at 2pm.

Oh – and I hope you like my artsy flag picture – trust it to be one of the windiest days all year: the flag wouldn’t stay still 😂.⁣

⁣ ⁣