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Recommendation: This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel : 0% read

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Recommendation: This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel

I recently finished reading this beautiful book by Laurie FrankelĀ and just had to share the love. It’s exactly the kind of story I love to read – and indeed write. Contemporary fiction rooted in a strong family drama tackling an issue important for our times.

Through the lens of a wonderful family Frankel looks at what it means to raise a child who is out of step with the world – and then reminds us that all our children are, in their own way, out of step with the world, just as we are as adults, and that allowing our hearts and minds to accommodate these differences – indeed, to celebrate these differences – will make our lives richer and deeper and kinder.

I lost track of the bits I underlined and the times I nodded in agreement at the quirky and oh so true insights into motherhood and family and life in general. I also loved the insight into how the Buddha embraces both genders: that the feminine and the masculine lives in this one figure in perfect balance.

The book had particular resonance for me as I’m working on a memoir with the incredible Kae Mason, who has made the transition to becoming the woman she knew she was from the moment she stepped into her sisters’ closet at the age of seven and tried on their clothes. It took her a lifetime to inhabit the body that now feels like home, a lifetime and an adventure we’ll be writing about together.

So, a wonderful and inspiriting read, on so many levels: I recommend Frankel’s book wholeheartedly.