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Wisdom: Lessons from my bicycle!

🚲💫This morning, I told myself that I would take the car to town, rather than walking or cycling. It was too cold. The wind too bitter. My book bag too heavy. But then, as I grabbed the car keys, my heart gave a little jolt. The sky is blue, I told myself. And the sun is shining. And, more than anything, I don’t want to give in to my excuses for an easier life before Monday has even started.
So, I decided to learn from my beloved bike, like I learned from that snowstorm last week. Sometimes, when I stop making excuses and do something hard in one area of my life – like cycling up and down the hills to the coffee shop which is my office – when it comes down to writing (the thing that is harder than anything else), I feel like can do it. Because, despite the cold and the ice and the bitter wind and those hills and my wobbly basket and the fact that I feel like a bit of an eejit cycling next to all those Americans with their big trucks, cycling makes me feel good.
I can see this applying to other aspects of life: doing one hard thing to make the other thing more manageable. I’ve cycled since I was a little girl growing up in Oxford. My mother, well into her 70s, with a scoliosis and a knee replacement) still cycles around Oxford (even in the snow!). I think we’re both slightly bonkers (must run in the blood) but we also both have that same ‘challenge yourself’ philosophy of life. So, maybe if you’re struggling to get going this Monday morning, tackle something hard (clean the fridge…shovel the snowy driveway…tackle that inbox…) and then maybe the other hard things, the things that you know you need to do because they matter, will follow.
Good luck! 
With love,
Virginia 🚲