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Texts in Translation: Context Presentations

Key questions: How does the context of the text deepen my understanding of the play / novel?

Prepare a 10 minute (in total for the group) presentation on the ‘context’ of the text you have been allocated.

The Reader: JJ, Ryan, Natasha

Medea: Abi, Sasha, Lauren

A Doll’s House: Ariadne, Gianni, Tom

Choose an element of context that you are going to focus on and bring to the presentation and then collaborate with your group.

What is context?

text is never produced in a vacuum…it has an ever changing ‘atmosphere’ that affects both how it is first written and how it is received down the ages…

  • The author’s life and how it relates, specifically, to your text.
  • The social, political, economic climate in which your text was / is:



received over time

received today

  • Literary / theatrical conventions at the time the text was written, over time and now e.g. The Greek Chorus in Medea.
  • How directors have reinterpreted the text over the ages and in different times, using their cultural and geographical context e.g. Japanese productions of A Doll’s House.
  • Academic interpretations and readings of texts over time e.g. a feminist, marxist, psychoanalytic reading.
  • How you respond it to it as a unique individual reader / audience member.
  • Other contextual factors you can think of.

NB. No general waffle (Wikipedia style): every point you make about the context of the text must give us a direct and specific insight into the particular text you have been allocated.