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Book group questions for The Return of Norah Wells

I love attending book groups: they are always the most lively, engaged – and challenging – audience and questioners. I know that many book groups are hoping to put The Return of Norah Wells on their list so I thought I’d devise a set of reading questions for you. I hope that they stimulate some interesting discussion – do let me know via twitter and Facebook.

If you would like to book me to come to your book group, either live or via Skype (location depending!), do get in touch.

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Book Group Questions for The Return of Norah Wells

  1. Whose point of view do you find most compelling and why?
  2. Did you enjoy the bird’s eye view chapters at the beginning and end of each day? How did this technique contribute to your reading of the story?
  3. What are you feelings about Norah. Do you forgive her for having left – and returned? Is it ever right to for a mother to walk out on her family?
  4. Which character do you think suffers most from Norah’s departure?
  5. In all my novels, I like to weave in a little magic, especially in relation to children and animals. Did you enjoy this aspect and what did it contribute to your reading experience?
  6. How do you respond to Adam? Is he a weak or a strong character? Does he develop as the novel progresses?
  7. Fay’s role in both Norah’s departure and return is crucial. How do you feel she handles both situations and how do you respond to her as a character?
  8. I try to include moments of light as well as shade in my novel. Were there any moments in the novel that you found particularly moving or, conversely, particularly funny?
  9. The novel explores what it means to be a family. Which family-related issues did you find particularly interesting?
  10. Do you find the ending satisfying?
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