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A Writing Prompt a Day: 10th November #NaNoWriMo : 0% read

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A Writing Prompt a Day: 10th November #NaNoWriMo

In celebration of NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, I’m posting a writing prompt every day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here’s my tenth one.


When I still lived in Berkshire, England, I used to walk past this bit of railway line every day on what I call my writing-walks. Trains and railway lines are endlessly inspiring and evocative. Their rhythm, the sound of the dashing by, the straight lines of the tracks, the sense of journeying and new possibilities, they way they cut through the landscape.

I know that the British bemoan the train system in the UK with its delays and rising fares but they should feel lucky that there are trains at all. The station in Concord, New Hampshire, where I now live, has long gone. I miss them.

So, today, use this image to inspire you – either in a literal way (trains, journeying, tracks, destinations), or as a metaphor or in any way that speaks to you.

Just write, anything that comes to mind, five minutes non-stop (or longer, of course).

Happy writing! 💫