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A Writing Prompt a Day: 14th November #NaNoWriMo : 0% read

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A Writing Prompt a Day: 14th November #NaNoWriMo

In celebration of NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, I’m posting a writing prompt every day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here’s my fourteenth one.


I’ve been thinking a great deal about memory in the past year as the notion of how and what and whether we remember and what impact this has on our lives and relationships lies at the heart of my fourth novel for adults, out in 2018: Forgetting You.

Unusual conditions always intrigue me: where they come from, how they affect people’s lives, how they might lead to interesting or unusual life events.

My novel is more about forgetting than remembering but when I was doing my research I came across hyperthermia, which is when someone remembers the past in a more vivid and detailed manner than most of us do. If, like me, your memory isn’t what you’d like it to be, you probably long to be able to remember in this kind of detail. The reality, however, is that remembering so much can be a huge source of stress can make daily life difficult.

Putting yourself in the shoes of someone who has a condition that makes them see and experience the world differently is a great way to explore character and to develop your writing skills. I certainly had to do this for my first novel, What Milo Saw, in which the little boy has a degenerative eye condition which only allows him to see through the equivalent of a pinhole.

Here’s an article on hyperthymesia which I came across on the BBC website: The Woman Who Couldn’t Forget.

Use this idea of not being able to forget and remembering too much to inspire your writing today.

Write for 5 minutes, no stopping, no looking back, no editing or criticising – just scribble!

Happy writing! 💫