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A Writing Prompt a Day: 22nd November #NaNoWriMo : 0% read

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A Writing Prompt a Day: 22nd November #NaNoWriMo

In celebration of NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, I’m posting a writing prompt every day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here’s number 22.


There’s a novel or book of short stories I’ve always wanted to write, set in a park in which the lives of those who come and sit on the benches criss-cross. I’m fascinated by how we co-exist with others in particular spaces, how sometimes we walk past the same people every day and yet never enter their lives. And I love the connections and threads between all of us, no matter how different we are.

So, whenever I see a bench, like this one, my muse wakes up. I wonder who sat on this bench and when and why and with whom? And also why it’s here because benches are often named after people who have passed away and who once loved the space. And then I think about who those people were and why they came here and whether, if you believe in ghosts or some variation thereof, they’re still here, walking around us and sitting between us.

Let your imagination take you where it will. Write for 5 minutes, no stopping, no looking back, no editing or criticising – just scribble!

Happy writing! 💫