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A Writing Prompt a Day: 26th November #NaNoWriMo : 0% read

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A Writing Prompt a Day: 26th November #NaNoWriMo

In celebration of NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, I’m posting a writing prompt every day on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here’s number 26.


Back to some poetry for inspiration. My dear friend Helen from England came to stay for Thanksgiving and brought me a book that I’ve had my eye on for a while but which isn’t yet available in the US: The Poetry Pharmacy by William Sieghart. Sieghart has a wonderful website where he writes posts on poems that he learns by heart, poems which help him, day by day, moment by moment, to live in this messy, complicated, beautiful world of ours.

These words come from a post entitled: Poetry Prescriptions for Additions & Compulsive Behaviour. As someone with an addictive, compulsive and slightly obsessive personality – I think I could get addicted to just about anything given the chance (I’m convinced I was once addicted to custard), these poems really spoke to me. The one quoted as inspiration today is Recovery by Marie Howe.

Use these words to inspire your writing today. Take them in any direction you please. 5 minutes, no stopping or looking back.

Happy writing! 💫