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Writing Wisdom from Katharine Grubb: picture your future

This is the first in a series of Saturday morning workshops. Before getting into the nitty gritty of what it takes to write a good story, I thought it would be helpful to get some motivation from the inspiring teacher and writer, Katharine Grubb:

Katharine Grubb is an amazing writer and human being. Just thinking about everything she does makes my head spin. I have one little girl who just about runs me ragged; Katharine has five, who she home schools and still she has time to write and to inspire so many of us time-stretched writers. Katharine is the author of the amazing Write a Novel in 10 Minutes a Day, published in 2015 by Teacher Yourself (Hodder & Stroughton). She has also published her two novels, Falling For Your Madness (2012) and Soulless Creatures (2105) through her publishing company, Plume of Doom. She is currently working on a contemporary comedy set in a border town between New Hampshire and Massachusetts, about a gang of neurotic senior citizens.

Do take a look at Katharine’s Facebook group, a wonderful community of international writers who long to fit writing into their busy lives. Katharine also leads a weekly Twitter chat, #10MinNovelists for time-crunched writers everywhere.


What makes this exercise work?

It can be done in 10 minutes – which is the cornerstone of Katharine’s way of writing. It’s also a vital part of making your conscious and subconscious tune into why writing matters so much to you and what you want from it. Re-do this exercise regularly to boost your motivation. As Katharine says:


Before you ever get started you need to know where you are going.


Time: 10 minutes

Set a timer for 10 minutes and write about this:

It’s ten years from now and you are signing books at your favorite book store. (We’re assuming there ARE bookstores in the future!) A line of fans are waiting to meet you. You have your sharpie ready, your hair is perfect and you’re completely at ease. Write about the book. What is it about? What is it’s genre? What do others say about it? What are you known for?

Me? I actually DO have a signing coming up in a local bookstore on August 22. I am very excited and I’m hoping my hair really is perfect. I’ll have three books to sign, two thoughtful comedies and one non-fiction book about writing. People have  said that they like my humor and my ability to convey truth in an appealing way. They’ve also said that my writing tips are practical and a bit snarky. Hee hee. I’d like for future signing to be about even more titles — more snark, more practicality, more humor. I want to be an excellent storyteller who is fun to read.

Check in next Saturday for Part II of Katharine’s motivational workshop. You can also find my Twenty Questions with Katharine Grubb interview here.