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Writing Wisdom from Katharine Grubb: Find 10 Minutes

I hope you enjoyed last week’s motivational workshop from Katharine. Here’s Part II.

A quick recap about the amazing Katharine:

Katharine Grubb is an amazing writer and human being. Just thinking about everything she does makes my head spin. I have one little girl who just about runs me ragged; Katharine has five, who she home schools and still she has time to write and to inspire so many of us time-stretched writers. Katharine is the author of the amazing Write a Novel in 10 Minutes a Day, published in 2015 by Teacher Yourself (Hodder & Stroughton). She has also published her two novels, Falling For Your Madness (2012) and Soulless Creatures (2105) through her publishing company, Plume of Doom. She is currently working on a contemporary comedy set in a border town between New Hampshire and Massachusetts, about a gang of neurotic senior citizens.

Do take a look at Katharine’s Facebook group, a wonderful community of international writers who long to fit writing into their busy lives. Katharine also leads a weekly Twitter chat, #10MinNovelists for time-crunched writers everywhere.

What makes this exercise work?

It can be done in 10 minutes – which is the cornerstone of Katharine’s way of writing. It also makes you face up to how you spend your days and where you can find pockets of time to do write. It’s a simple but really powerful exercise. Hope you enjoy it.

Time: 10 minutes

Set a timer for 10 minutes and write about this:

Write about your day. What do you do? How is your time spent? Get as specific as you possibly can with your meals, prep time, commute, leisure activities, sleep, etc. Then thinK about your week’s commitments. How is the time assigned? Do you have meetings? Sports events? Family obligations? Then after you’ve listed all the ways you spend your time, look for holes or time thieves. These are places you spend time that you don’t need to spend time, like watching Netflix, like playing Candy Crush. It’s these pockets of time that can be used to write. Then, think about how you can speed up the other tasks. Can you make meal preparation faster? Can you read fewer blogs? Can you shorten your commute. With this information try squeezing in more ten minute of writing here and there. You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in teeny tiny increments.

You can find my Twenty Questions with Katharine Grubb interview here.