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Milo supports Blind Children UK

One of the most wonderful bits of having published Milo is the awareness it has raised of children with eye conditions: dear little Milo has Retinitis Pigmentosa, so life can get pretty tough at times, but he’s brave and resilient and doesn’t let it get in his way.  In many ways, it makes him stronger and more sensitive to the world around him – and that’s what helps him pick up what’s going on at Forget Me Not nursing home…

In the New Year I will be doing an event with Blind Children UK at Costa Waterstones in Reading – I’ll post the date when it’s settled.  It is such an honour to know that children with visual impairments will be reading What Milo Saw over Christmas: the wonderful Helena at Little Brown has worked with the wonderful Eli David and Kirstie Lemon from Blind Children UK to create a CustomEyes version of the novel.  Thank you to Eli in particular who spotted Milo and got in touch. I can’t wait to meet some of these lovely children – and to get their feedback on whether I got Milo right!  Maybe they’ll have ideas for my future novels too – children have the most awesome imaginations.

Christmas is all about children, isn’t it?  Something that has been brought home to me this year more than ever as it is my little Tennessee’s first Christmas.  She’s been to three Christmas parities already, she’s sat on Santa’s knee and tugged at his beard, she’s opened 17 doors on the advent calendar – and, early yesterday morning, she helped me decorate her first Christmas tree, a proper living one in a pot ready to be planted in the garden in January.  Watching her enjoying all these things makes me think of all those extraordinary children out there who have it so much harder, in particular the Milos of this world who don’t get to see things like other little children do. I’d love us to support these wonderful little beings as much as possible. So, if you’re looking for a worthy cause to support this festive season, do have a look at the amazing work done by Blind Children UK:


Isn’t this little girl awesome? I can just tell that she’s going to be an amazing writer!