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Reading Group Questions: Wishbones

I was recently asked to write a piece for the online magazine, Book Club Girl, about my experience of reading with my mother and how I’d love mothers and daughters to share Wishbones too. I devised some reading questions to go with the article in the hope that some mothers and daughters might get together for a mini-bookclub as they discuss their experience of reading the book. I might just have a few copies to send your way if you’d like to set up a special mums-and-daughters reading get-together.

Here’s a link to my article and below are there reading questions: Book Club Girl.


If you are not too far from Concord, New Hampshire or if you are further afield and would be happy to use Skype, I’d be delighted to make a guest appearance when your group meets. You can contact me here.

Whether you’re in a reading group or not, I’d love to have your thoughts on Wishbones, so do email me, tweet, post on Instagram or Facebook.

Happy reading!

Virginia 💫

1. Through the character of Jo and Clay I wanted to explore both ends of the eating disorder spectrum. What did you make of obesity being placed alongside anorexia in this way?

2. Male eating disorders often go under the radar and are rarely discussed in the media and in fiction. How did you react to the character of Clay and his anorexia?

3. The media often gives us a black and white presentation of beauty: fat is ugly; thin is beautiful. How does Wishbones challenge this?

4. Feather has great qualities – and some flaws too. Which is her greatest quality and which is her greatest flaw?

5. How did you react to Feather’s father, especially in his failure to stop Jo from eating so much?

6. What does Feather’s swimming contribute to the novel, both as regards character and plot?

7. The theme of wishing runs through the novel. Feather goes on quite the journey from her first wish on New Year’s Eve to a greater scepticism about the power of wishes by the end of the novel. What’s your view on wishes and wishing?

8. What do you make of the relationship between Clay and Jake?

9. There are several quirky secondary characters in the novel. Which did you most enjoy reading and why?

10. Feather believes she can fix her mother and so save her life. Do you think one human being ever fix another?

11. Wishbones is set in a fictional village, the smallest in the UK. What does this setting contribute to the novel?

12. The novel has its fair share of tragedy and sadness but I also tried to include moments of light and humour. Which of these did you most enjoy?

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