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The edits are in!

Today, I put aside the work I’ve been doing on my historical fiction and return to The Children’s Secret, my seventh contemporary novel. Last night I received editorial comments from my editor at Little, Brown and, as always, took a deep breath before reading. No matter how many of my novels have been through this process, there’s still that tremor of fear and excitement at how my story has been received. This was my favourite part of my editor’s email:

There was so much humanity and wisdom in its pages. I was particularly struck by how hopeful the novel was, even though we’re not sure of the future for most of the couples.’

If there’s a quality I want my work to have more than any other, it’s hope: it’s what we need most right now, in these complicated, uncertain and sometimes dark times.

Of course, along with my editor’s kind words, come suggestions and thoughts for how to make the story stronger – but I’m excited about that. It’s been a few months since I returned to the manuscript and the passing of time always sharpens the creative eye and heart. My desk is clear, my notebooks layed out, my bowl is full of oatmeal, my mug full of coffee, my pencils sharpened and I’m ready to work.

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this book going out into the world and reaching you, my readers. It’s written right from the heart of my experience of living – and growing my family – in American for nearly four years now. It tackles gun control, which is a major issue in the novel, of course, but it’s also about family, about community, about childhood, about marriage and about forgiveness too.

The Children’s Secret will be out in 2020 at a good bookstore near you. I’ll be having the launch at my favourite indie, Gibson’s Bookstorehere in Concord NH.

Happy reading. Happy writing.

With love,

Virginia x