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Meeting my publishers: it takes a village

…to raise a child…or to create a book.

This is the thought that came today as I met my agent Bryony Woods who shepherded me from Paddington to Blackfriars, a physical enactment of a much longer, writerly journey we have shared since September 2012.  The thought also came to me as I walked through the open-plan offices of Little, Brown to meet my editor, Manpreet Grewal.  The quiet hum of work, all those books lining the shelves, the teams of editors, assistant editors, publicity teams, marketing teams, copy editors, a veritable army of ants working together to get the best words in the best order out into the world.

They say that writing is a lonely job. It’s true, in part: I spend hours alone at my desk every day.  But there is more to writing a novel than putting words on the page, though that is, of course, the beginning.  To publish a book, for it to reach the readers you long to touch, a whole village must pull together.  With Bryony, Manpreet and the Little, Brown team (and a few personal companions like my long-suffering husband, Hugh and Vi & Seb, my gorgeous cats and some dear, dear friends), I feel I have that village

This time next year What Milo Saw will be out in hardback and today, the 1st of July, marked another glorious milestone in that communal raising of my literary baby.