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Wishbones, My first YA novel which begins on New Year’s Day : 0% read

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Wishbones, My first YA novel which begins on New Year’s Day

Fancy a heart-warming read inspired by the turning of a new year?⁣

Wishbones, my first novel for Young Adults, opens on New Year’s Eve when Feather finds her mother collapsed on the floor of their living room. Feather’s mother is clinically obese and hasn’t left the house in ten years. As Feather watches her mother being craned out of the front window of their house because she is too large to go through the front door – a spectacle witnessed by the whole neighbourhood – she makes a resolution, not for herself but for her mom: that she’s going to help her get better, no matter what it takes.⁣

Over the weeks and months that follow Feather goes on a journey that she never expected. As she tries to help her mum get better, she begins to unravel her family’s path and the reason her mom has been hiding in their house, eating herself to death and refusing to see anyone, for a decade.⁣

I wrote this novel sitting in a small coffee shop in Crowthorne, Berkshire, topped up with lattes by a wonderful barista called Richard and encouraged by the friendship of dear Linda, who still sends me handwritten letters to America. The story has a special place in my heart: it’s about mothers and daughters; about family secrets; about loss and grief and about making that beautiful and sometimes painful transition between childhood and adulthood. I hope you enjoy it – my cat, Septimus, seems to like it! ⁣

Happy New Year and Happy Reading,

Virginia x