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Book Group Questions: What Milo Saw

I was asked to write these reading questions for the back of the What Milo Saw paperback  – I hope they inspire you to think more deeply about the book. Do get in touch if you have any questions of your own. Happy reading!

  1. Milo is the central voice in the novel.  What are the advantages of seeing this particular world from a child’s perspective
  2. Did you enjoy seeing Milo’s story from other perspectives too – like those of Gran, Sandy and Tripi? What did you like about each narrator and do you have a favourite?
  3. What Milo Saw has moments of humour as well as moments of great sadness – does this balance work well for you? Which bits of the novel made you laugh and which bits made you cry?
  4. Although Milo’s physical vision is limited by his Retinitis Pigmentosa, he is acutely tuned in to what is going on around him.  In what ways do we see Milo’s perceptiveness?
  5. Besides being cute, what does Hamlet contribute to the story?
  6. There are a number of secondary characters who add to the quirkiness and humour of the novel.  Which ones did you particularly enjoy and why?
  7. How did you respond to the character of Nurse Thornhill?  Is she a wholly unsympathetic character?
  8. Through Tripi the reader experiences the challenges of a person fleeing a war-torn country and seeking asylum.  Has Tripi’s story affected your thinking about this issue in any way?
  9. Despite its lightness of tone, the novel tackles one of the most troubling problems of our times: how older people are cared for in the UK.  What did you think about how this subject was presented?
  10. What do you make of the ending? Is it satisfying?

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