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What Milo Saw announced in The Bookseller

I am delighted that Sphere of Little, Brown has just announced there acquisition of my novel, What Milo Saw in The Bookseller.

I feel like standing up and giving an Oscar acceptance speech, though I fear that may be a little self-indulgent – and premature, as Milo hasn’t been published yet!  But I do think that expressing gratitude is one of life’s greatest pleasures, so I’ll indulge a little all the same.

First, I want to say thank you to Hugh, my husband, who has loved me into becoming the writer I have always longed to be and also to Bryony Woods who, at a few minutes past midnight on the 2nd of October last year sent me an email which changed my life. She is the midwife of all my literary babies. I can’t wait to work with Manpreet Grewal, the wonderful editor at Sphere, an imprint of Little, Brown: I know that she will do all she can to get my stories out into the world.  And finally, a kiss blown to my Wellington College writing group, filled with budding authors, who have followed me on this journey.  One of its members, Charlie Penny, a talented writer and a wonderful human being, created a special What Milo Saw bookmark.

And for all you writers out there who put in the hours, who dream of your stories finding an audience, keep scribbling, you’ll get there!